Are you still feeling stuck in the past?

Do you wonder how past trauma and relational wounding may be negatively impacting your current reality?

As a therapist, I assist people who feel stunted and stuck by outdated self-concept and relational templates that have their roots in trauma and past wounding. Unlike regular talk therapy, my approach is mindfulness and attachment-based and utilizes somatic therapies. Honoring the wisdom of the body and the power of the present moment in healing trauma from the past. In session we begin to holistically relate to the energy driving current symptoms and patterns. As we begin to relate to these drivers, we also re-connect to innate resilience and a deeper level of healing potential.

Contemplative Psychothrapy at tlcLPC

This mindfulness-based therapy is grounded in the belief in “basic goodness”. I incorporate mindfulness based psychotherapy into my sessions with clients to align with this inherent goodness. Together we cultivate present moment awareness, curiosity and presence to encourage healing by bringing more awareness to the here and now. Trauma activation is integrated as we bring more of ourselves back to the present moment. Clients also appreciate learning simple techniques to incorporate into daily life.

Somatic Experiencing with tlcLPC

This trauma re-negotiation model addresses the somatic imprint of trauma held in the body by working with the level of activation and deactivation of the nervous system. I love to assist clients to connect to the wisdom within the body as well as the awe inspiring ability for their bodies to heal. Clients report benefits of Somatic Experiencing to include increased resiliency, expanded capacity to tolerate experience and restoration of inherent well-being and desire to thrive.

EDMR Therapy at tlcLPC

An 8 phase integrative therapy that assists in reprocessing and integrating trauma and other unresolved experiences that have a negative impact on current living. The process of EMDR Therapy elicits the brain’s inherent ability to process and integrate information.  I have found that in session, as we connect to this network of information from past traumas and stressors, with connection and care, new insight and resolution can arise.

“I saw Tracy for EMDR therapy and SE to address a fear of airplane travel. I felt very supported during our sessions!  You were thorough, focused and attentive and always made sure that I felt safe working with something that brought up a lot of fear and discomfort for me. Since then, my fear of flying has significantly reduced!  I have a much lower physiological response to flying and am able to do so with much more calm and collection.”

Anonymous client

About Tracy

I believe that we have untapped resources within to bring to our process of healing. I am passionate about assisting clients to experience greater connection to life and joy as we relate to the walls and obstacles created as a result of trauma and relational wounding. Together we build bridges to connection, relationship and to the life you long for.


There are times in life when our habitual strategies for surviving become obstacles to thriving in a life we long for. Old patterns, fears and entanglements begin to take up more space and we feel less possibility and ease in life. We might even begin to experience anxiety, depression or other emotional and physical signals that we don’t understand. We may be stuck in a habitual pattern or maybe feeling numb and disconnected.

In therapy we have the time and space to explore, question and get curious together in a therapeutic relationship about you; about your qualities of survival and protection, hopes and fears, strengths and challenges. We also begin to uncover and grow your innate qualities of sanity and wholeness; discovering the resilience and resourcefulness that is there but is obscured. In a therapy session we are able to look at this project called “life” in an accommodating, compassionate and sometimes challenging way.

Maybe there is a specific situation that you are facing such as a transition in life, a loss or health challenge that you would like support around. Perhaps you would like to change some aspect of yourself that no longer serves you in your current life and relationships. Let’s connect and see how therapy may help.

Simply put, trauma is the consequence of an overwhelmed nervous system. The past experience of an event, loss or accident may be so complex and overwhelming at the time that the body and mind may not be able to digest it all as it is happening. As a consequence we may be continuing to live in overwhelm long after the event occurred. This could look like daily intense stress and anxiety, sleep and health disruptions, acting out, work and relationships on edge or we may feel disconnected and dull to the things that once brought us joy. Unresolved trauma can feel like we are stuck and prohibited from living fully connecting to our life. More questions? Lets connect!

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On one hand clients who come to see me are brilliantly unique and represent the diverse spectrum of humanity with regards to age, race, gender identification, socio-economic status and sexual orientation. Clients who seek therapy with me do report similar experiences in terms of obstacles and difficulties connecting to themselves, others and their lives in a way that is most meaningful and life giving. As a result of this loss of connection, clients report struggling with various symptoms including; anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness, chronic health conditions, obscure symptoms, low self esteem, social anxiety, substance/process addictions, challenges around sexuality, sex and intimacy and difficulties in relationships.

Often these symptoms are significantly reduced or eliminated once we relate with the unresolved traumas that underlie them and build the resources that help the nervous system digest unresolved trauma. Since traumatic experience can often create a perceived disconnect to the intrinsic health, wellness and joy that exists within us, we also focus on growing this aspect as well.

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