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Thank you to the following  for the awesome photos on my website.

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girl w/ wings:  designecologist-781651-unsplash

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pic of me in the field: Photo by Pamela Becker

Quote: rotating pics:

1. girl laying on ground:  cristian-newman-247656-unsplash

2. smiling guy: warren-wong-242286-unsplash

3. manandleafwall: nathan-dumlao-299925-unsplash

4. girl in field: edu-grande-254594-unsplash

5. fieldfellow: allef-vinicius-181365-unsplash

6. girl on bridge: soroush-karimi-222958-unsplash

7. lovelywoman with dreads: eye-for-ebony-415487-unsplash

8. guy sitting: photo by Afonso Coutinho on unsplash

9. flower headdress: autumn-goodman-242825-unsplash on bike at sunset: viktor-kern-65943-unsplash

Services Page:

EMDR – webdrops: sam-erwin-474207-unsplash

SE – doors: stephen-pedersen-409604-unsplash.jpg

Contemplative – lotus: Tracy Cobb

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phone:  annie-spratt-593479-unsplash

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