Contemplative Psychotherapy

Is a mindfulness-based therapy grounded in the belief in “basic goodness”, the audacious tenant that no matter what has happened what, you are at a core level, “good”. This basic goodness is always there but is often obscured. Contemplative Psychotherapy is an integration of mindfulness and compassion-based meditation practices, Buddhist psychology, Western psychotherapy and neuropsychology.

“Everything that occurs is not only usable and workable but is actually the path itself.”
Pema Chodron

Somatic Experiencing

Trauma Re-negotiation model that addresses the somatic imprint of trauma by understanding the levels of activation and deactivation in the nervous system. Working with the mind and body, we resolve held survival patterns by expanding our awareness of the nervous system and expand capacity to tolerate experience and retrieve inherent vitality. For further information visit the SE website at 

EMDR Therapy

An 8 phase integrative therapy that assists in reprocessing and integrating trauma and other unresolved experiences that have a negative impact on current living, creating healing and useful resolution. EMDR therapy is fascinating as it works with a web of experiences that are joined together usually outside of our awareness. This therapy can be extremely effective with the painful and stuck symptoms of past trauma and relational wounding. For more information

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